Amanda Coogan / Cowards

Amanda Coogan works across live art, performance, sculpture and installation. Using gesture and context she makes multi-faceted works that leave ghostly trails in the memory. 

She is an internationally recognised and critically acclaimed artist working across the medias of live art, performance, sculpture and installation. Her works encompass a multitude of media; Objects, Text, Moving and Still Image all circulating around her live performances. She is at the forefront of some of the most exciting and prolific durational performances to date. Artforum described her recent live exhibition, I’ll sing you a song from around the town, as ‘performance art at its best’.
The long durational aspect of her presentations invites elements of chaos with the unknown and unpredicted erupting dynamically through her live artworks, She is first and foremost an embodied practitioner. Her work often begins with her own body and challenges the expectations of the contexts. Her work is filled with references to Irish Sign Language vocabulary and littered with literary references. The Irish Times have said, ‘Coogan, whose work usually entails ritual, endurance and cultural iconography, is the leading practitioner of performance in the country’. Her extraordinary work is challenging, provocative and always visually stimulating.