NSA: A Queer Salon

Sutton House
Thursday 18th April 2019 from 7.30pm-1.30am
2 & 4 Homerton High St
Hackney, London, E9 6JQ


A night of performance, dialogue and dancing inspired by the Salon’s of the 19th Century at the historic Sutton House in Hackney.


Hotbeds of creativity and progressive ideas, Salons were inclusive public/private spaces where ideas could be discussed and bodies could gather outside the control of the authorities.

NSA is a salon for NOW. A chance for the queer community and its allies to come together for dialogue, performance and pleasure in the intimate parlours, bedrooms and basements of Hackney’s oldest domestic building.


The ticket price is a flat flee of £15 with no concessions (which works out less than £1 per artist).

We are looking for volunteers to do two hour shifts on the bar during the event so if you wish to donate your time in exchange for a ticket then email Katy on contact@steakhouselive.co.uk.

As this is an old building not all rooms are accessible
Wheelchair access to the building is on ground floor only.
There will be at least 4 performances happening on the ground floor.
There is an adapted toilet located close to entrance.

This event is for over 18s only due to licensing


Double Pussy Clit Fuck

Double Pussy Clit F*ck are an anti-genre, riot-grrrl-on-grrl-on-boi-on-boi concept band from Glasgow. For the past few years they’ve been lovingly licking and poking the boundaries between bad music and art, right and wrong, sex and performance, creating strange anarchic live gigs in response to a world that they don’t understand and that doesn’t understand them.

This special performance for NSA: A Queer Salon will be a goodbye party to a part of DPCF that is soon to be gone.

Tim Spooner

Tim Spooner is a visual artist and performance maker. Using sound, electricity and often mundane everyday materials his idiosyncratic and unique performances attempt to expand our understanding of the physical world by revealing the inner life of objects.

For NSA: A Queer Salon Tim will be creating a very special and surreal environment in the deep. dark basement of Sutton House.

George Heyworth & Matthew Poxon

Ever since Ivor Novello and Ronnie Hazlehurst were glimpsed sharing potted shrimp at Sheekey’s in 1949, discerning cabaret lovers have been asking when on earth the repertoires of brilliant numbers from flop musicals will happen! Well my children, Madame Showbiz is smiling on you, because the time is now.

Join the doyenne of London’s queer performance scene George Heyworth (the Bourgeois half of satirical cabaret monsters Bourgeois & Maurice) and the celebrated pianist Matthew Poxon (who famously portrayed Oscar the rehearsal pianist in the Kent amateur premiere of 42nd Street in 2003) for this very special work-in-progress evening of cabaret ecstasy in the Grand Hall of Sutton House.

Istanbul Queer Art Collective

Istanbul Queer Art Collective firmly believes in what Jack Halberstam calls the “queer art of failure”: it stirs away from the competitive drive towards perfection and embraces failure in their art. They engage in what Renate Lorenz calls “radical drag”, which is a kind of drag that is not necessarily based on gender but the transgression of all boundaries. Nevertheless the collective also believes both gender and sexuality to be performative and in constant flux and they express this belief through the presentation of cis gender female drag queens.

For NSA: Queer Salon they will be performing ‘Ottoman Card Reading’, an intimate durational performance of cross-cultural story telling.

Lucy Hutson

“They have figuratively broken my heart 
I’m not even angry I’m just disappointed
I’ve been left with an over riding feeling of disillusionment
I thought I knew where I stood but no
The spice girls have let me down 
and I’m going to burn them out of my broken heart”
– Lucy Hutson 

Lucy Hutson is a performance artist and agitator whose work questions human nature and interrupts social order. Lucy likes to work with found objects and unloved artefacts. For NSA: A Queer Salon Lucy will present a one-off, never-to-be-repeated performance action related to the Spice Girls.

Monsur Mansoor

“Carrying a hammer in a handbag and safety clothes as armour, I dance against trans erasure. This is a meditation, a ritual for self-defense and a brown trans fantasy where overwhelmed, wasteful and purposeless dances rule.”- Monsur Mansoor

A new work-in-progress performance from dance maker and performer Monsur Mansoor.

The Rimmers

Passover Seder with The Rimmers

Join Mervyn, Gaye and their 12 year old daughter Becky for their version of the Passover Seder meal which looks back at the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. Expect to eat strange foods, drink four cups of wine, ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to, and recline like queens.

The Rimmers are Alex Eisenberg (Gaye Rimmer), Candy Gigi (Becky Rimmer) and Tom Joseph (Mervyn Rimmer). Performing as a Jewish family they make videos and performances which unapologetically put their Jewishness out in the open. Their work uses public interventions, humour and drag to expose the complexities of their identities, whilst also expressing a queer sort of fondness for their heritage. The Rimmers have hosted the club night Buttmitzvah since 2016.

Benjamin Sebastian

Benjamin Sebastian creates across disciplines (moving image, performance, noise, installation & curating) exploring ideas of becoming, transformation/transition, animalism, memento mori, queerness, longing and desire. 

This will be the UK debut of their new perfomance piece ‘NB/GNC: Mourning Call’.

Moa Johansson

Moa Johansson is a performance artist whose work occupies the space between durational performance, live art, and dance.

For the NSA: Queer Salon they will be preforming ‘PASS ME ON’, a partly choreographed, partly improvised movement based piece that looks at queer desire as refusing the absolute privilege of progress orientated-futurity. 

Kevin Le Grand Bailor

Kevin Le Grand is a London based performance artist who originally hails from the small town of Maghull on the outskirts of Liverpool.

Kevin’s Instagram will tell you everything you need to know about their life and work.

Don One

Don One will take you through a songbook of anthems that you can’t help but sing along to. All done with a silky-smooth voice, Brummie twang and plenty of banter thrown in – you’re guaranteed a show-stopping performance that you definitely won’t forget!

Adam Frost

Adam Frost is a Queer Working Class, British Artist and DJ based in their hometown of Hastings. Frost takes inspiration from moments and happenings in everyday life such as death, depression, anxiety, heartache, all of which are biographical experiences.

These themes are used with elements from fashion, music, drag and visual art to create messy, anarchic performances that expose the dark things we so readily try to avoid.

For NSA: Queer Salon Adam will be performing a work-in-progress showing of their new wok – ‘Gonorrhea Sink Plunger’.

Poppers Boudoir

Katy Baird’s Poppers Boudoir is finally coming back to London and this time we mean business! Join artists and queer icons Finn Love and Jen Smethurst for a special one-to-one experience that will cleanse your soul and make you remember how beautiful the world can be again.

Katherine Araniello

During the NSA: A Queer Salon we will be screening the films of the brilliant and inspirational artist Katherine Araniello who sadly passed away earlier this year. Katherine was a fearless queer artist and activist who we have worked with since the beginning of Steakhouse Live and who we very much miss. 

An annual Katherine Araniello Bursary Award for an unapologetically radical and politicised artist who works in Live Art and identifies as a disabled person is now open for contributions. Please do donate to the fund if you can.