NSA: A Queer Salon

Sutton House
Saturday 30 Sept from 8pm-2am
2 & 4 Homerton High St
Hackney, London, E9 6JQ

A night of performance, dialogue and dancing inspired by the Salon’s of the 19th Century at the historic Sutton House in Hackney.

Hotbeds of creativity and progressive ideas, Salons were inclusive public/private spaces where ideas could be discussed and bodies could gather outside the control of the authorities.

NSA is a salon for NOW. A chance for the queer community and its allies to come together for dialogue, performance and pleasure in the intimate parlours, bedrooms and basements of Hackney’s oldest domestic building.


NSA: A Queer Salon has been commissioned by the And What? Queer. Arts. Festival and Sutton House.


Rosana Cade: DRAG MOTHER

A milky, messy and moist interactive performance that both celebrates and troubles the art of female impersonation, revelling in the construction and destruction of the identity ‘woman’. Importantly (or perhaps irrelevantly) Rosana births this performance at the same age as her mother birthed and gendered her.

Jordan McKenzie

Performance artist Jordan McKenzie, will be creating a very special one-off performance in response to Sutton House and the NSA: Queer Salon.

Victoria Sin & Evan Ifekoya

Evan and Victoria invite you to partake in a moment of queer collectivity focusing on fleshly desire led by haptic frequencies and tectonic bass lines.

Florence Peake: Voicings

Interested in the theatricality and physicality of ‘channeling’, Florence Peake will act as a conduit between an imagined and material place revealing questions of authenticity, the bogus and the real, truth and trickery.

Oozing Gloop

A durational performance by Oozing Gloop exploring her recent epic journey from England to Scotland in a defiant performative retracing of her history and routes.

Beige Bitch

Beige Bitch aka Nima Séne integrates the concept of belonging (nostalgia, deluding, seductive and political) through electronic sound, pop culture and autobiography.

Whiskey Chow

Engaging with political issues in her practice, Whiskey Chow also explores female masculinity, stereotypes and cultural projection of Chinese and Asian identity. Whiskey will be performing a series of performance interventions throughout the evening.

Thom Shaw / Gloria

A community drag activity involving the creation of a paper dress constructed from the Bible, translated into Polari.

Ginny Lemon

Worcester’s own Ginny Lemon will be making a very special guest appearance. Expect chip shop glamour, vocal looping & dazzling live performance.

Samuel Kennedy / Z

“The monsters are already inside – the house, the body, the head, the skin, the nation – and they work their way out. Accordingly, it is the human, the façade of the normal, that tends to become the place of terror” Judith Halberstam. They walk together, they are uniform in their sickness, they are maimed, they are grotesque, excreting and exposed. They are us. Under the cover of darkness we expose our most monstrous normalities.

Polly Amory and guests

Join Polly Amory, the best pianist in her price range (free), for a night of musical exploration. Open your mouths wide and feel the organ swell beneath you, as Polly brings pleasure to all with her expert fingering. Polly Amory appears by kind permission of her spiritual advisor and nail technician, Matthew Poxon.


QUEERZONE 3000 is committed to the furthering of arts, education and technology within the global LGBTQIA community. They will be hosting a special event looking at alternative Queer spaces.

Itziar Bilbao Urrutia / THE CIRCLE OF MEDEA

As a lifelong atheist with an interest in Tarot, artist Itziar Bilbao Urrutia has been reading the cards from a queer perspective for many years. For NSA: A Queer Salon, she will embody the Melusina, an image of the monstrous feminine, and offer Tarot readings and guidance in the style of the oracles of Antiquity. Please note that this are real Tarot readings offering actual insight.

Access: Mobility access is only available on ground floor. There are around 15 steps to first floor and same again to third floor. A detailed line-up of what is happening in ground floor will be announced on our Facebook page.

Prices: We always try and keep our events affordable. If your current financial income is making it impossible for you to afford a ticket for this event then please do let us know and we can work something out – contact@steakhouselive.co.uk x

Image credits: Rosana Cade: Dee Robertson, Victoria Sin & Evan Ifekoya: Holly Falconer, Thom Shaw: Dasa Raimanova, Whiskey Chow and Beige Bitch: Greg Goodale, Florence Peake: Eftychia Vlacou and Polly Amory: Local Foreigner, all others courtesy of the artists.