Steakhouse Live Music Edition with Long Stride Lizzy and friends

lizzysLong Stride Lizzy

Bring your friends and come join us on Friday the 7 November at Artsadmin for an evening of musical delight curated by Steakhouse Live. This is a one-off special opportunity to hear fantastic new music from some of your favourite live artists.

Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
Friday 7 November / 7.30pm/£5

Full Line-Up

Long Stride Lizzy

Long Stride Lizzy are Lucy Mccormick, Andrea Lewis and Anna Gregson. The trio sing original close part harmony songs with a blues edge.

They will bring you a bit of spice, but take everything they say with a pinch of salt.


Richard DeDomenici

Richard DeDomenici can’t sing and doesn’t know how to play any instruments. Neither of these facts has deterred him from launching a music career. Tonight he’ll perform two songs from his hotly anticipated debut album.


The Book of X’s – Torn Ligament series

Catherine Hoffmann will be singing newly composed songs from interviews with members of the public about love loss and longing.

Simple melodies, raw vocals, percussion and a DIY approach present these stories, which are part of GLORY DAYS – a playful Live Art Operetta, in development for The Marlborough Theatre on the 26th November.


Ellie Stamp

Ellie Stamp has been asking how we make songs and now wants to write one with you. Ellie wants us all to be a band.

A collective experiment (with guidance from much more talented musicians than Ellie) that will hopefully result in some music and singing (possibly dancing), until it’s over and we never think of it again (or it stays in our minds like an ear worm – like that song about being happy, or that one about staying up all night.)


Louise Orwin’s Couples Karaoke

Put your name into Steakhouse Live’s very own randomizer machine and be expertly coupled up with your dream karaoke duet partner. Expect expert pairings, expert song choices, and expert karaoke expertise.

Be part of this once in a lifetime event, and let Louise reconnect you with your very own Sonny or Cher.