End of the Pier

The End of the Pier was a series of site-specific performances programmed by Steakhouse Live for the Mayton Street Festival in Holloway, London part of the Holloway Arts Festival 2013.

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Stacy Makishi / “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!”

You’re all over the front page!
Today’s ‘reading’ is all about you.
Hawaii-born Stacy Makishi reads between the lines. Part psychic intervention, part poetic pondering, get ready for a one to one performance, with you on the front page.


Lucy Hutson and Gareth Edwards / Judy’s Afternoon Tea Party

Enjoy tea, cake and conversation with your delightful hosts Lucy and Gareth plus a very special guest appearance from one of the most famous Judy’s in the country.

Performances at 2:30pm, 3:30pm and 4:30pm


Arkem Walton / The Wearable Pier

Roll up! Roll up! Come and try on the Wearable Pier!
Let Arkem show you all the fun of the fair…in miniature!
Seaside delights and souvenirs too!
Roll up! Roll up!


There There / Take a Long Walk on the Beach

Come take a seat on a comfortable beach chair while There There create a multi sensorial beach like setting, destined to take you to the ultimate vintage holiday destination. Expect audio tracks from your favourite summer film, 3D visuals and holiday souvenirs while you unwind sipping a refreshing cocktail.


Rebecca Morris / Lucky Dip Redcoat

Relocating from the Butlin’s time-warp to End of the Pier, Becca is your personal Redcoat! Stand back as Becca entertains you with eating and beauty contests; dancing and singing whilst dodging cream pies – bringing a traditional taste of Butlins to the streets of Holloway!


Bex Large / Wish you were here…

Create your own postcard with a message for a friend or loved one far or near. Be part of the seaside spirit, jump aboard and get involved and add your message to our washing line of seaside notes.


Naomi Paxton is..

Ada Campe, a flamboyant fortune teller, bringing a touch of theatricality, glamour and silliness to the ancient art. Using her own unique methods, Ada Campe will provide you with an encounter you will enjoy and remember!