Steakhouse Live Festival 2015

On Saturday 25th of April, we are back at Rich Mix, London with our third annual Steakhouse Live Festival of Live Art and Performance.

For one day only, Steakhouse Live will take over the building with a programme of bold and compelling live work from  artists living and working across the UK.

This year we are very proud to be showing work from Tim Bromage, The Disabled Avant-Garde, Louise Doyle, Eilidh MacAskill, Marcia Farquhar and Joe Wild

Tickets £15/12 in adv


Steakhouse Live Festival 2015
Rich Mix, London
Sat 25 April
£15 / 12 in advance

Full Line Up


Tim Bromage / Jim Dahl Presents Boon Shy No Mutley

a na nana na Tim Bromage_Marco Beradi

A performance which is admittedly something of a mixed bag…combining spoken word, magic, costume and song, in the fine traditions of variety and music hall.

Something for everyone, if not then hopefully something for someone.

Tim Bromage is based in Cardiff. His practice draws upon an interest in stage magic, folklore and physical movement. Props and costume are combined with song, text, and other activities to create strange rituals. Placed within this context, the magical effect becomes a mode of symbolic demonstration, creating narratives that often reference cultural myths and histories of the places where he lives.

Photo Credit: Marco Beradi


DAG / Institutional Classics

DAG metal

Join The Disabled Avant Garde for new interpretations of “Wheels on the Bus” and other popular songs from day-centres, nursing homes and institutions for disabled people around the world.

The Disabled Avant Garde is a satirical arts organisation formed by Katherine Araniello and Aaron Williamson. It is concerned with creating contemporary art informed by the social model of disability.


Louise Doyle / Living in the Dim Light

>living in the dim light photo 3

The smith forges out of time, in syncopation with his clock. A material is formed, and the smith yawns. The fire is burning, the hammer strikes. His thoughts unravel. His body takes another shape. For a while he forgets where he is. A solo show looking at the potential of form in relation to our perceptions.

Louise Doyle is interested in the ways that personal creativity works over the full spectrum of human action.

Her work investigates what happens when this is suppressed and where can we go in a state of unimaginable freedom. Louise works with a range of media including sculpture and film to create what I feel I want to see, and ask the question, what it means to make art.


Eilidh Macaskill/ STUD


Tell, me about it, Stud. Well, Dr Freud tells me I’m missing something and I think he’s right. He tells me that until I get over it and turn my desire for that missing thing into a desire for a baby I’m gonna be in deep shit. He also tells me he doesn’t really get chicks… A new performance about penis envy, masculinity, horses and DIY.

“A fully-frontal assault…hilarious and whimsical…cogent and provocative” **** Mary Brennan, The Herald

For Steakhouse Live, I’ll present a 20-minute extract of the full show.

Eilidh MacAskill is based in Glasgow and creates performances and projects that sit somewhere between theatre, live art and visual art inspired by Nature and how we human animals live in the world. She is Artistic Director of Fish & Game and also works as a freelance performer with other artists. The work is often for children and often presented in non-theatre sites and public spaces. But this one isn’t.


Marcia Farquhar 

marcia photo-mind-your-heads-400x600 (1)

Marcia Farquhar will be joining the Steakhouse Live Festival this year for a very special live and unrepeatable performance.

Marcia Farquhar is an artist working in performance, photography, painting and objectmaking. Her site-specific works have been staged and exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, as well as in lecture theatres, kitchen showrooms, hotels, pubs, parks and leisure centres.


Joe Wild  / The Joe Wild Sex Tapes

joe wild

Buzzcut Image Joe Wild

The Joe Wild Sex Tapes are an archive of the sexual experiences of Joe through the voices of the women he has slept with. Take your pick, plug in, sit back and see how your choices play out. This intimate one-to-one performance is part of an on going research into the possibilities of queering straight masculinity.

Joe Wild is a dance artist and theatre maker. Current collaborations include Greg Wohead, Mary Bijou Cabaret, Lawrence Speck and Marina Conti.