Steakhouse Live at Hackney Wicked 2013

Steakhouse Live was delighted to present a full day of new and exciting  live actions and performances at the Hackney WickED Festival in London. Approaching its’ 6th year Hackney WickED Festival is dedicated to providing a platform for artists to showcase their work alongside established and international names.

Featuring live work from Kate Mahony, There There, Season Butler, Allan Taylor, The Ahhhness of Things and Shali Liu

The event took place on Saturday 17 August 2013 between 12 – 5pm at the Glass Factory, Hackney Wick, London.

Special thanks to  mentalphotographic who took all the images below –


ALLAN TAYLOR / Drowning Your Sorrows

Ever found yourself drowning your sorrows? Allan invites you to laugh and forget your troubles while he raises a glass, or two, or three… Until he can’t drink anymore. This is a bittersweet performance that knows, when it comes to drowning your sorrows, the night never ends well.


DIMITRIS POLITIS / I somehow loved them

This is a text-based solo in progress that draws on the mythical figure of Narcissus. From an undefined state of solitude a man remembers the days of blossoming, seeking catharsis. Is this ever possible for someone who ‘offered himself as a gift of nature’?


KATE MAHONY / Space Hopper

Kate Mahony’s work is about performance. Paranoia fuels her site specific and transitory work, catering to the gig at hand. Mahony’s performance responses are fueled by her research into architecture, non-verbal communication and perception. Her varied use of object deployment attempts  at a  gesture to  some way subvert an expectation of what performance art is and can be. Kate Mahony will be on a partially deflated space hopper for 2 hours.


SEASON BUTLER / maiitude |mī ē toōd| (an entry from The Pedant’s Dictionary)

This piece takes a classic tale, Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Sea-Maid, strips it down to its grammatical parts and reconstructs it, inviting randomness to upset form and to provoke new meaning to arise through old structures of language and syntax.


SHALI LIU / the very thing dominates and exploits us

Shali Liu’s art is mainly inspired and influenced by psychoanalysis(include anti-psychoanalysis) and continental philosophy. Desire and disgust are packed in the emptiness of existence. To desire the disgust is a wish to overcome with the incompleteness of the subject. Desire is life and death, desire desires itself, it is the very thing that dominates and exploits us.


THE AHHHNESS OF THINGS / Age has withered off my tongue

Age has withered off my tongue is an exploration of the transformative properties of turmeric, flour and the ritual of bread-making. We explore the ceremonial heritage attached to them and to our cultural ancestries through the sacred-yet-profane act of preparing a meal. Breathing in the space between live art, theatre and installation – this work examines domesticity and the role of women within different cultural contexts.


THERE THERE / Take a Long Walk on the Beach

Grab your holiday buddy and come join There There for an ultimate, multi-sensorial beach experience, guaranteed to take you straight to your preferred holiday destination! The package includes a  summer-special soundtrack, calming, stress-release visuals and souvenirs to cherish in years to come – all while you sip on a refreshing cocktail!