Steakhouse Live Festival 2018

The fifth bi-annual Steakhouse Live Festival took place on Saturday 24th February at Rich Mix and Sunday 25th February at Toynbee Studios.

Saturday showcased a full day of short performance experiments with Sunday featuring live work ranging in duration from 5 minutes to 6 hours, as audiences were invited to engage with performances happening across the whole of Toynbee Studios.

As always, we deliberately embraced a diverse range of artistic practices with the work throughout the festival cutting across performance art, theatre, visual art, cabaret, dance, drag, club, participatory performance and more. It was an amazing weekend and we feel very lucky to have worked with these incredible artists and such open and engaged audiences.

Above you can view a short promo video of  the whole weekend by the filmmaker Dasa Raimanova and a selection of images taken by the festival photographer Manuel Vason. Below is a a longer edit of the promo film by Dasa to give you a fuller flavour of the artists and their work.

Written responses to the festival performances are available to read at Critical Interruptions, a live digital publication which took place throughout the whole weekend. Critical Interruptions 2018 was curated and led by Diana Damian Martin and Bojana Janković and featured the writers Libby Norman and Lewis Church, as well as Berivan Altun, Alice Iardella and Zoe Onatoye, from the Live on the Drive programme.

The full Steakhouse Live Festival 2018 programme is also available to view on our website.

Steakhouse Live 2018 promo film (long edit)