Steakhouse Live at Hackney WickEd 2014

Following on from the success of our Hackney WickEd 2013 event Steakhouse Live are thrilled to be invited back for Hackney WickEd Festival 2014 . This year we will be presenting a whole afternoon of exciting and unusual performances at the Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick, London (map) on Sunday 3rd of August from 2 – 6pm.

Featuring work from Aleks Wojtulewicz, Alethea Raban, Brian Lobel, Catherine Hoffman, Daniel Oliver, Dasa Raimanova, Jamila Johnson Small, JD Stokely, Katy Baird and Lucy Hutson, Ria Hartley, There There, Thom Shaw, Tom Marshman and a very special series of short interventions from Daniella Valz Gen, Jordan McKenzie, Kate Mahony and Aaron Williamson.

This event has been very kindly supported by The Yard theatre and Hackney WickED.

Fantastic images of the event below by Dasa Raimanova

Full Programme

Aleks Wojtulewicz / M vs W  Aleks Wojtulewicz is a Midlands based artist working within performance. He uses his body to express and explore the issues he is faced with on a regular basis. His durational performance ‘M vs W’ will be happening throughout the afternoon in Queen’s Yard.

Alethea Raban / An archive of E.   E is for Eventually, E is for Ecstasy, E is for Encounter:  Eventually, we’ll make an ecstatic archive of encounter.

  Brian Lobel / You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me, You Have to Forgive Me Hop into bed and discover the effect of television and binge watching on our sex lives, on our psyches, and in our shoes.

Catherine Hoffmann / MADAME EX’S PAINT AND TAINT SESSIONS A playful exploration of loves lost, letting go and saying goodbye to the past.

Daniella Valz Gen, Jordan McKenzie, Kate Mahony and Aaron Williamson will be performing a series of short interventions throughout the day.   Daniel Oliver / Awkwardance Come and join awkwardaniel for an awkwardance. It will be fine.

Dasa Raimanova / WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ? An interactive installation offering an intimate experience between the screen and the participant.

Jamila Johnson-Small / Pornography #2 An exorcism.

JD Stokely / Reparations An intimate solo performance that asks: what happens to those who are left behind? And what are the consequences for those that do the leaving?

Katy Baird & Lucy Hutson / FIT Extra special fitness regime brought to you by keep-fit guru Katy Baird and her glamourous assistant Lucy Hutson.

Ria Hartley / SPIT KIT An invitation to salivate, talk about chromosomes and what we might know and think about our ancestry via the medium of spit.

There There / Take a Long Walk on the Beach A multi-sensorial experience that will whisk you away to a holiday paradise without so much as an overpriced bus ride to Luton.

Thom Shaw / Gloria A community drag activity involving the creation of a paper dress constructed from the Bible, translated into Polari.

Look out during the day for Tom Marshman who will be doing something extra special for Steakhouse Live.