THE T R A P LAB – Call for Participants

We are very excited to be working again with the brilliant artist Marikiscrycrycry on his DIY project: THE T R A P LAB

DIY is run by the Live Art Development Agency and is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to take part in professional development projects run by artists for artists.

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THE T R A P LAB – Call for Participants 

Backdropped by deep political crises, and all of its ramifications on the body, THE T R A P LAB seeks to create a space to rearticulate and reimagine new possibilities for the futurity of our bodies.

Essentially, this is an intentional dance event, party, chill-out, hang-out, and exchange place where we can roll on the floor, cry if we want to, shake our asses while upside down, learn cute, fierce, tragic, and melancholic dance phrases, create collective choreographies, amongst many other things, in order to renege the hope that performance is radical and relevant during these fraught times.

We are going to dance our dreams into our wildest realities.

This project is also built from the continual desire to amplify the aesthetics of pro-Blackness and pro-Queerness in movement, performance, dance, choreography, and self-care.

Deadline for applications to be part of THE T R A P LAB is Mon 19th of June at 12noon.

More information and application form on LADA website.

This DIY is part of DIY Gateway, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.