Steakhouse Live Festival 2013

“It gave curated artists the promised exposure and worked hard to get the audience in. It proved that unknowns in the programme do not equal financial meltdown  – it could even be argued it proved a long line of half-familiar names spark more of an interest than a steady diet of household treasures. Finally, it fought and screamed for space and attention innovative artists and curators need, deserve and, in a world that prides itself on radical concepts, should be granted.”  

Bojana Jankovic / Exeunt Magazine

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Steakhouse Live was a one day festival of performance and Live Art in London held on Saturday 27 July 2013.


I’m Not Her Sidekick  /  Pop Duo

I'm Not Her Sidekick Kirsty and Ellen are Mean Girls wearing Bridget Jones pants under their Leotards. They are two Survivors…but there is only 1 Tiara.

Pop Duo sees two Beyonce fans deconstruct the culture they subscribe to, confronting modern learned behaviour with learned dance moves, movie moments and lyrics. It’s a shot of heartfelt honesty, a dash of awkwardness, a twist of pageant style competition, and of course a double measure of fun that makes the ‘Pop Duo’ Cocktail.

Justyna Scheuring / WELCOME HOME

Justyna Scheuring

I am interested in the connection between a word and a gesture (a movement, or the location of a body in a space) so that they both lend themselves to multi-layered communication on separated tracks that are connected in time. I am interested in incoherency of things as well as in their separateness and evoking new connections.

Louise Ahl with Ultimate Dancer / Intercourse

louise ahlLouise Ahl has invited a range of performance critics into her choreographic process as part of a collaborative performance and research project.

The result is Intercourse – a solo piece about dysfunctional relationships; visible voices and invisible bodies; objects and subjects; the act of performing and the reaction to fantasies. It is about Somebody, Nobody and Anybody.

 Louise Orwin / Humiliation Piece

humiliation piece


‘Louise wants to be everything to you tonight- this is her last chance. Watch her squirm and struggle through a dastardly game of Truth and Dare controlled and judged by you: she’s willing to go that extra mile to keep that smile on your face, but if she fails, she knows punishment lies in your hands. A one-woman crusade to the ultimate exhilarating performance, think Truth-or-Dare meets X-Factor-judgement-day meets Fun-House-gunge-tank: what does entertainment mean to you?’

Lucy Hutson / Britney Spears custody battle vs Zeus in swan rape shocker

Lucy HutsonI’ve been worrying about which way to go what books to believe and  the cleanliness of my thoughts

ive been obsessing about getting it wrong and hoping that none of it matters

This is a show about fashion and god and hygiene and how much I love you


Maxwell McCarthy / Muscles + Teeth

Maxwell McCarthy

I pulled a tooth out of my own mouth, muscle pumping blood through my veins and out from a tooth-sized hole at the front of my grin.  That’s where my wisdom tooth was, just one, right at the front.

If you want to enjoy muscles without your teeth getting in the way, it’s really not that difficult separating muscle from teeth.


Rosana Cade / My Big Sister Taught Me This Lap Dance

Rosana Cade	I am a lesbian with a shaved head and a hairy body.

She used to lap dance in a wig and call herself Rosanna.

She was my idol. She is my sister.

We are feminists.

As part of an ongoing collaboration with her older sister, Amy, who has worked as a lap dancer and in various roles within the sex industry,

Rosana Cade presents this intimate performance for one which contains lap dancing.


Steakhouse Live took place on 27 July 2013 from 2 – 10pm at Rich Mix in East London.

35-47  Bethnal Green Rd


Greater London

E1 6LA

020 7613 7498


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