Tender Loin #3



image:Luke Ferris, Tender Loin #2. Photo by Marco Berardi

Toynbee Studios, London 
10 November 2015
7.30pm. £8/£5 (conc.)

Third time lucky as Steakhouse Live returns to the Artsadmin Arts Bar & Café this Autumn for Tender Loin #3

This time we are very excited to have performances from Daniel Oliver, Mette Sterre, Lesley Ewan & Catherine Hoffman and Edythe Wooley.

As always with Steakhouse Live expect a mash-up of performance styles and practices from some of the freshest artists working in and around Live Art in the UK.



Daniel Oliver: Weird Seance, A Rong Table

Daniel Oliver will use his ‘Rong Table’ format (like Lois Weaver’s ‘Long Tables’ but not ass functional or democratic) to discuss and revisit his series of Weird Seance performances in which everyone got killed. He’ll be flesh from doing it at the Barbican as part of the SPILL Festival.


Mette Sterre

My work deals with the grotesque; the world of topsy-turvy, the uncanny and the paradox. I’m inspired by fibonacci numbers in nature, sociology and the cultural history of horror movies. By the de-identification of the human body I question the stigmatistion of “the other” and the social construction of identity.


Angus & Rayshal: Family Discussions

Lesley Ewen and Catherine Hoffmann offer a first peek into Dickie Beau’s new drag family – The House of Strange Loops.


Edythe Woolley: Glamour Pussy

Edythe Woolley will be performing as Lady Vag in Glamour Pussy. In the mode of cabaret Glamour Pussy celebrates female sexuality and explores ideas of women’s empowerment by staging a series of bizarre and fantastical images of the female form. Made in response to the ban on female ejaculation in British porn this surreal number pays homage to the female “grotesque”.