Critical Interruptions Live Publication 2018

Diana Damian Martin and Bojana Janković returned to the Steakhouse Live Festival in 2018 to curate a live digital publication, they were joined by writers Libby Norman and Lewis Church, as well as Berivan Altun, Alice Iardella and Zoe Onatoye, three young women from the Live on the Drive programme.

Evolving over the course of the festival, the Critical Interruptions Live Publication explored ways of encountering and responding to performance and live art. The writing came from dedicated hubs located in Rich Mix and the Toynbee Studios and projected live in both venues. 

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Critical Interruptions is a collaborative project exploring live art and performance criticism. With little regards for review, we search for critical forms and strategies in dialogue with live art and performance, wonder how to develop rigorous and relevant critical writing and lure new writers into thinking about radical and experimental work.

Contributors to Critical Interruptions Live Publication 2018: 

Lewis Church is an academic and writer based in London. He completed his PhD in 2017, and his writing has appeared in PAJ, The First Line, East End Review, Something Other, Exeunt and Loose Lips, and been published by SPILL Festival of Performance and The Sick of the Fringe.

Libby Norman is a queer writer, performance artist and fangirl with longstanding interests in authorship, performative labour and live-writing. Her fan/art/research practice focuses on her position as both an artist and a fan in response to contemporary art and mass-media fan objects. She is currently studying an MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway.

Live on the Drive Writers: Aliche Iardella In between studying i am eager to live and have adventures. I want to learn how to make and do everything. Especially how to sail. I am afraid of money and of where technology is going.

Zoe Onatoye  My name is Zoe, I am 19 and currently studying decorative arts. I am interested in design and its relationship with people. Some things that inspire me are interesting colour combinations, the effects of light and other architectural forms.

Berivan Altun My name is Berivan Altun. I am from Turkey. I moved to London about 8 years ago. Currently studying Interior Desing at Kingston University. Besides studying, I really enjoy taking pictures and collecting memories.  Also, I am interested in philosophy and psychology. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory fascinates me. Looking at dream analysis based on Freud’s theory gave me a different perspective about human beings. My interest in human beings also made me focus on meditation and yoga. I believe in the energies (7 chakras) of our body and mind which shows a lot about who we are. Moreover, I really enjoy visiting interesting places in London. Involving with lots of activities and events one of my hobbies. My passion for performance art developed through Drawing Shed. I had the opportunity to express myself through performance. Being a feminist in a culture where men accepted the one in charge and power made me stand up for women rights and Drawing Shed had a big impact on this.

Live on the Drive was a collaboration with the Drawing Shed aimed at encouraging new and diverse audiences to Live Art. Led by Steakhouse Live producer Katy Baird with support from visual artist Rebecca Lindsay-Addy, a series of free workshops exploring Live Art was held for young women aged 16-19 living on and around The Drive Estate, Walthamstow in North London.