Owen G Parry

Owen G Parry

Owen Parry

Owen G. Parry ft. Medeber Teatro
Unreleased (Las Ketchup edit)
Friday 14 October
Rich Mix

Steakhouse Live have commissioned the artist Owen G Parry to develop a new piece of work related to his ongoing research into Fandom.

“Many think its brujeria,
how it comes and disappears,
every move will hypnotize you,
some will call it chuleria,
others say that its the real,
rastafari afrogitano” (Las Ketchup, The Ketchup Song, 2002)

Owen will present a one-hour edit of a performance he wants to see. Entwining music, dance, role-play, and skull-pture, the work explores the concept of alternate universe (AU) in fan-authored works – a fantasy realm, a variant form of “the real world”, depicting a different way events could unfold or the universe could function.

“Owen is developing a first edit of this work for LONGER WETTER FASTER BETTER with Medeber Teatro, and performers Nick Llewellyn and Gareth Cutter”

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Photo Credit Owen G.Parry, 2015. Image by Maria Agiomyrgiannaki