Madeleine Botet de Lacaze / NATURE

NATURE is a performance that subverts the idea that there is one way to be, and that that one way is essential to being. Resilience, fluidity and uncertainty are great parts of the transformative process of becoming. Madeleine examines our relationship with ourselves, with others and with nature by addressing the cracks inside herself, the inner fragmentations that beg for liberation and unity. A liberation that symbolises cutting off the past, toxicity, trauma and fear. A liberation that becomes nature.

Madeleine is an Argentine-born artist who lives and works in London. She holds a BA in Cinematography and a MA in Performance Art from Wimbledon College of Art. She has presented work at SPILL Festival of Performance, Perfomatorium in Canada, The Latin American Theatre Festiva, Chelsea Theatre as part of SACRED in London, In Between Time in Bristol and Buzzcut in Glasgow. She is also the founder of Astrology for Artists.